Welcome to Stucky Chiropractic Center!

Congratulations for making an excellent decision in selecting Stucky Chiropractic Center to help you meet your health goals! We enjoy serving patients from all around the Chippewa Valley, including Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Durand, Mondovi, and surrounding areas.

We will welcome you in and provide you with a short form for you to complete, in addition to the new patient paperwork. To save time in the office, you can fill out the paperwork ahead of time. Simply click here, print out the forms, fill them out, and bring them with you to your first appointment. You will receive a brief tour of our office, and watch a short instructional video. Then you will meet with your chiropractor for a thorough review of your health goals and concerns. Together you will decide what services will benefit you the most.

Please bring your insurance card(s) with you. As a courtesy to you, we will call to find out what your benefits may cover. We encourage you to call your insurance company ahead of time to verify coverage.

You can expect the first visit to last an hour to an hour and a half. If you have questions, please contact us at 715-835-9514. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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“Since coming to Stucky Chiropractic Center, my life has changed drastically. I no longer have the pain in my back or leg. I can sit, stand and even walk without pain.

Before I came to this office, I was having severe back pain, along with pain shooting down the back of my leg, along with a numb foot. It hurt to sit down and when in bed 
I could not roll over much less get out of bed with severe pain.

I did not expect the quick turn around that I have had. Everything has improved. When 
I was in that much pain, it made everything difficult.

People at Stucky Chiropractic Center are very friendly.

I would like to tell people who are not patients, that if I would have followed the medical doctors recommendation, I would have had to have an operation. Before going down that road, check out the procedures that are offered here! I am so thankful I did.”

-Janene M