Ideal Protein Weight Loss System


Ideal Protein at Stucky Chiropractic & COVID-19

Lots has changed in a short amount of time that has turned our lives a little upside down. Even though the world seems a bit more chaotic than normal it does not mean that this is the time to get out of our healthy routines. As we take the information that we are learning day by day impacts us.  As a planner that can be stressful. NOW, is the time to keep up with the Ideal Protein protocol. You may be asking yourself “WHY?!” while thinking of all the sugary comfort foods that you could be having to make you feel better which in turn could actually harm you and your health. By being on the protocol you are taking control of the things that you can ACTUALLY control. Eating the optimal amount of protein, healthy vegetables, the right amount of fats, all of your vitamins and continuing to journal. Keeping up with your healthy eating routines will also help keep your immune system optimal.

Stucky Chiropractic will remain open as we are an essential healthcare facility. What this means for your accountability is that our Ideal Protein Coach, Dr. Pam, will be at the office during her IP hours for those who feel comfortable to come into the office for face to face weigh-ins. She is also answering emails on a regular basis if anyone has any questions and instead of calling the office. Please email her at

For those who do not feel comfortable coming into the office we strongly urge you to keep your appointment. For this we will have phone and/or web capability. We ask that you weigh yourself on the same day of the appointment.


If you still want to come in and utilize the InBody without having the face to face weigh-in we can schedule you for only the InBody. Your coach will then give you a call to discuss your InBody results.


We just ask for you to call us at the office 715-835-9514. One of our Chiropractic Assistants will take your order and your card payment. When you are in the parking lot, we ask that you give us a call along with the make and color of your car so we can get your products to you in a timely manner.

Stucky Chiropractic Center is here to help you meet your health goals! We have been serving the Chippewa Valley since 1959. At Stucky Chiropractic Center, Your Health Is Our Mission! Our doctors are committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life through various weight loss programs!

We have an in-house Ideal Protein Director and two Ideal Protein Coaches to serve you in two locations. Our complimentary introductory workshops are held at the Stucky Chiropractic Center in Eau Claire. For workshop event dates and more information, please visit us at

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Why Ideal Protein is Different


How Ideal Protein Changed My Life

“I had needed a change in my eating habits for quite some time and an unwanted change in my health would drive that change. I had been on a slow weight gain for quite some time and had gotten up to 242 lbs. My blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides were all very elevated, and I had been on cholesterol medication for some time. I had an injury that had me out of work and barely able to walk at times for nearly a year. The IP program allowed me to lose 60 pounds and get to my goal weight, which also helped me heal from my injury quicker. It also taught me many great eating habits that help me daily to eat healthy and work to keep the weight off.

Since beginning the IP program, my blood pressure is normal, cholesterol is way down, and my triglycerides are normal. I couldn’t be happier with the results. All, while doing very little to no exercise while healing from my injury. I don’t call it a diet – because it’s not. It is a lifestyle change that will treat you well for life if you stick with it. You get out of it what you put it, and it does require you to make healthy changes, but they are so worth it. More energy, better health, and looking and feeling great are what you get. All very worth it to me!”




The process was great!

“When I returned to my hometown of Eau Claire from Arizona last summer, I came with a plan. I was referred by a friend, Mike, who raved the results of a healthy eating program hosted by Stucky Chiropractic Center.

I sat in on a short presentation by Dr. Pam and signed on immediately. The Ideal Protein (IP) food was good and took care of breakfast, lunch, and a snack. Dinner was 8-10 oz of protein, along with 4 cups of cooked veggies. With the Eau Claire Farmers Market season upon us, I really picked the right time to make this commitment. I drank more water than I ever knew I needed and never felt hungry.

The process was great, with a weekly weigh in and measurements by Stucky Counselor Jessica who also provided encouragement, helpful hints, and recipe ideas – all keeping me on track. IP emailed me daily with more of the same.

I drove in at 230 pounds and ended driving out at 195 pounds, along with a loss of 25 inches overall. No more belly fat! I found clothes in my closet that actually fit and I tuck my shirts in again and even wear a belt. My wife, Terri, says I am looking younger and I will probably get better gas mileage – well, maybe not.

Ideal Protein with Stucky Chiropractic Center works! It’s one of the smartest moves I’ve made in years and I am here to recommend it to everyone.”


-Dave M.

Fountain Hills, Arizona & Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Habits Also Benefited My Whole Family

“Ideal Protein is life changing!! I have always struggled with my weight.  I’ve tried cleanses, diets, and Weight Watchers. All of them gave me gradual results, but they never stuck. Within a few months of those systems, I had gained the weight back and was back to feeling tired and sluggish again. I knew that I needed to do something to improve my health and the health of my family.  When I learned about Ideal Protein, it seemed like the perfect fit for me. I started on Labor Day, and am proud to say that 3 months later, I have reached my goal. I have lost the weight that I wanted as well as 6 pant sizes. More importantly, I have increased my energy and overall health and well-being.  My family’s health and well-being also increased from all the things I learned on Ideal Protein.  My learning translated into healthier meals and eating habits for me and my family. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is 100% committed and has struggled with where to begin. It is detailed and specific and if you are willing to put in the time and energy, there is no way you won’t be successful!!”


-Kelly N.

Eau Claire


A “Lifestyle Gift”

Lost 18.1 Pounds and 40.8 inches

“It was simple and easy to follow!” The food selections allowed me to vary my choices; and weekly weigh-ins were crucial.  Coach Jessica was wonderfully supportive.  I also enjoyed watching daily videos with Dr. Wilinson that were both interesting and touched on current issues. 

The four phases were critical to easing into new habits.  “Ideal Protein has been truly a “lifestyle gift!”


-Marianne K.

Eau Claire


“My favorite thing about Ideal Protein is the one-on-one weekly coaching that is provided. The coach will help you avoid pitfalls by reviewing what activities you have coming up in the week ahead and help you make good eating choices. This helps make the program very easy to follow with quick, noticeable results!”


-Judy T.


Soda Free!

“Ideal Protein for me was easy.  The results were amazing!  For the first time in all my diet life, I did not Yo Yo.  I felt full, had no cravings, and I was successful; a FIRST for me!  It was so encouraging to always be weighed and have lost.  The healthier eating habits became a daily routine. The one thing I thought I could NEVER do is give up soda.  Well, here I am…soda free, not even thinking about or wanting them anymore.  I am now so full of energy.  I go to the senior center for workouts. I walk when weather permits. I feel so good, and very confident that this is going to be my weight, my lifestyle, my energy level for the rest of my life.  I am 65 which proves this diet works for all ages.”



Eau Claire


Brooke L. – Met Her Goal!

What goals did you achieve with Ideal Protein?

“I was able to lose the baby weight and baby inches after my fourth child! Weight seems to go on easy, but come off very slowly. Ideal protein really gave me a great foundation for losing the weight and inches, while maintaining good energy.”


What is your advice for those who are just beginning / or considering the program?

“It will be the best investment you have ever made! The support from the staff, and the accountability will help you make the changes that you are looking for. Fully commit to the plan, and you will be amazed at the results!”


-Brooke L.

Eau Claire


Easy and Tasty

“My experience with Ideal Protein is successful weight loss, more energy, lower blood pressure, and a healthier lifestyle.  All I do is follow the program and the pounds and inches just melt off of me.  Each week, I am so excited to come in and be weighed and measured to see what my success was for the past week.  The whole staff at Stucky Chiropractic’s office gets excited with me and can’t wait to see what my results are for the week. What a great support team I have!  In 9 weeks I have lost 38.1 pounds and 69.8 inches.  Each week I am losing pounds and inches.  There is no plateau on this program.  What I like is that the program is easy to follow with delicious foods.  I am not living on shakes, or dry packaged foods.  I do purchase supplements on a weekly basis, but I can make two actual meals using fresh vegetables and protein. It is so exciting because I can shop for fresh vegetables, herbs and spices.  My cooking is delicious and it’s fun to be in the kitchen to try new recipes.  I do have a personal support coach that I meet with each week for questions, weigh in, and measurements.  What surprises me is that I am not hungry, tired, and have no cravings. I even stopped drinking caffeinated drinks and completely stopped drinking sodas.  I would recommend Ideal Protein to anyone that is serious about losing weight and wants to start living a healthy lifestyle.”



Eau Claire


Rich Has Maintained – 3 Years

Rich C., a 29 year old from Eau Claire, lost 75 pounds and 56 inches and has maintained his weight loss for over 3 years!  “Working with Stucky Chiropractic’s weight loss coaches kept me motivated to obtain my goal.”


-Rich C.

Eau Claire


“I lost weight and inches in a healthy manner”

Lost 126 pounds and 140 inches

“I knew I was at the heaviest I had ever been but I didn’t consider myself to be unhealthy. I also didn’t want someone telling me I was overweight and slowly killing myself, so if I never went to the doctor. If I didn’t go and hear anyone tell me I was unhealthy, then I was healthy (that was my thinking at the time)”

I had tried and failed with other programs. With Ideal Protein, I was able to lose weight and inches in a healthy manner. I am healthier and more confident in myself. I am now more socially and mentally outgoing because I feel better about myself.


-Tia G

Eau Claire


Encouragement & Success

“Throughout my life, I have tried a few diets and was not too successful.  I did not see the results I expected, so I quit the diets. With the Ideal Protein Diet, I am seeing results and I am encouraged by the Stucky Chiropractic coach to keep moving forward.  After eight weeks of participating on the diet, I have lost 24 pounds and a total of 32.1 inches.  And, I am feeling GREAT!  The support that I am receiving has been fantastic.  Thank you so much!  I would highly recommend Ideal Protein to anyone who is determined to lose weight.”





From Size 48 to 38

“I have recently completed a journey that I thought was not possible at the age of 63.  Many of the people my age told me that weight problems are just a part of getting old; and along with it comes all the medications to keep you going.  Low and behold, there is an alternative!  Ideal Protein has changed my life for the better.  After being on the program only 12 weeks, I have lost 60 pounds and dropped from a 46 pant size to a 38.  My blood work-ups and doctor appointments confirmed…My blood sugars were back to normal, no medication needed for diabetes, cholesterol went from 248 to 169 and my blood pressure medication dropped from 20 mg to 5 mg.  I feel great and I have more energy.  People have even told me I have a bounce in my step, which makes me feel pretty good about myself.  Don’t be turned off because of the cost; I looked at it as an investment, and like any investment, you want to see it grow and succeed.  Dr. Pam, and the Stucky staff could not have been more helpful and encouraging…almost to the point of making you feel as though you are part of the family and everyone in the family is cheering you on to cross that finish line!  Maintaining the weight loss after I met my goal has been fairly easy.  Again, thank you Stucky Chiropractic!”



Eau Claire


Helped With Fatty Liver Disease

“I started the Ideal Protein diet with the hope of losing weight and becoming a healthier person. What I didn’t realize was how fast it would help me become a healthier person. I was diagnosed with fatty liver about 5 years ago and just 3 weeks after starting the Ideal Protein system, I had an abdominal ultra-sound that showed marked improvement in my liver.  Thank you, Ideal Protein, Dr. Pam and Jessica for helping me!”


-Judy T.

Eau Claire