Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy

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Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy is the restoration of the spinal curves and range of motion. While the spine can easily degenerate it can also be regenerated; and the effects of spinal damage can be reversed. This is a highly specialized area of spinal care which provides both low back pain relief and neck pain relief. Just like in specialized fields of medicine, doctors of chiropractic also have higher levels of training in neurology and spinal correction. At Stucky Chiropractic Center, located in the Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls area, this is just one of the many specialized areas of care we are skilled in providing to the people we serve.

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The photo above on the left is a wobble chair used in Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy, while the photo on the right is an example of repetitive cervical traction for neck pain relief.



Benefits of Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy

SRT Benefits

  • Alleviates pain
  • Reduces the need for pharmaceuticals
  • Restores normal range of motion and physical function
  • Easily applied
  • Non-invasive
  • Often makes surgical interventions unnecessary


Wobble chair Benefits

    • Warms up the discs prior to spinal molding to reshape the spine more easily.
    • Reduces stress in the low back & aids in the prevention & recuperation of injuries.
    • Hydrates & re-inflates the lumbar discs & keeps them young, strong, & flexible
    • Assists in the healing of disc bulges and tears
    • Enhances oxygenation of blood & stimulates metabolism, which is necessary for the prevention of disease.
    • Helps circulate CSF (fluid that nourishes the brain & spinal cord).
    • Stretches Tight, Sore Muscles
    • Nutrition Delivery & Waste Elimination
    • Great warm up if you have been sitting for any length of time or before beginning any activity


Cervical Traction – Neck Pain Relief

The Cervical Traction is used for loading and unloading cycles that reestablish motion in the neck and upper spine, provides neck pain relief, hydrates discs and prepares for restoration of spinal curves.


6 Way Stretch

The 6-Way Stretch strap gently helps in stretching stiff, sore neck and upper back. This strap helps provide neck pain relief and upper back pain relief.



Home Kit & Home Stretches

If you’ve purchased a Home Kit from Stucky Chiropractic Center and would like additional information on how to use the various pieces of equipment, visit our Home Kit page to watch step-by-step videos on how to properly use your Home Kit and perform stretches at home.

Home Kit


Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy Presentation