Bone Density Screening

img-bonescanStucky Chiropractic Center is now offering Bone Density Screening. Bone Density Screening can determine if you have osteoporosis — a disease that causes bones to become more fragile and thus more likely to break. Bone density testing can use X-ray or ultrasound to determine bone thickness and strength.

At Stucky Chiropractic Center, the screening is simple, non-invasive and pain free. The equipment used in our office will measure the bone density at the heel and produce printed results. These findings will be reviewed with you by your chiropractor and recommendations will be made.

Bone density testing is used to:

  • Identify decreases in bone density before you break a bone
  • Determine your risk of broken bones (fractures)
  • Confirm a diagnosis of osteoporosis
  • Monitor osteoporosis treatment

The testing will not identify the cause of osteoporosis. To answer that question, you need a more complete evaluation.

The risk for osteoporosis is higher in the following groups: Women during and after menopause; People who exercise excessively resulting in loss of periods or significant weight loss; Caucasian and Asian ethnicity; Small boned and thin people; Elderly people; People with a family history of osteoporosis; Men with low testosterone levels; Smokers; Alcohol consumers; Inactive people; People with a diet low in calcium and vitamin D; People using certain medications (steroids, thyroid medication, chemotherapy); People with some medical conditions like hyperparathyroidism and bowel disease.

What exercises are good for healthy bones?

Bone healthy exercises are activities that are weight bearing. Examples of bone healthy exercises are: walking, jogging, dancing, stair climbing, jumping jacks and using hand held weights.