Ideal Protein Weight Loss System


Stucky Chiropractic Center is here to help you meet your health goals! We have been serving the Chippewa Valley since 1959. At Stucky Chiropractic Center, Your Health Is Our Mission! Our doctors are committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life through various weight loss programs!

We have an in-house Ideal Protein Director and two Ideal Protein Coaches to serve you in two locations. Our complimentary introductory workshops are held at the Stucky Chiropractic Center in Eau Claire. For workshop event dates and more information, please visit us at

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Why Ideal Protein is Different

“When I returned to my hometown of Eau Claire from Arizona last summer, I came with a plan. I was referred by a friend, Mike, who raved the results of a healthy eating program hosted by Stucky Chiropractic Center.

I sat in on a short presentation by Dr. Pam and signed on immediately. The Ideal Protein (IP) food was good and took care of breakfast, lunch, and a snack. Dinner was 8-10 oz of protein, along with 4 cups of cooked veggies. With the Eau Claire Farmers Market season upon us, I really picked the right time to make this commitment. I drank more water than I ever knew I needed and never felt hungry.

The process was great, with a weekly weigh in and measurements by Stucky Counselor Jessica who also provided encouragement, helpful hints, and recipe ideas – all keeping me on track. IP emailed me daily with more of the same.

I drove in at 230 pounds and ended driving out at 195 pounds, along with a loss of 25 inches overall. No more belly fat! I found clothes in my closet that actually fit and I tuck my shirts in again and even wear a belt. My wife, Terri, says I am looking younger and I will probably get better gas mileage – well, maybe not.

Ideal Protein with Stucky Chiropractic Center works! It’s one of the smartest moves I’ve made in years and I am here to recommend it to everyone.”


-Dave M.

Fountain Hills, Arizona & Eau Claire, Wisconsin


“I’m almost 50 years old and weighed in at 221.6 pounds.

At first I was very hesitant to try another Diet Program. I had already tried Atkins, South Beach and Weight Watchers.

I lost a little weight on all of them but it was not enough and I did not keep it off. I had been fighting a marginally high Cholesterol problem for over 10 years (217-245) and my blood sugar was starting to creep up. Nothing seemed to work and I did not want to start taking medication. I know that pills are supposed to reduce the symptoms but they cost money and have side effects on your body. After attending an information seminar on Ideal Protein I decided to give it a try.

I lost 9 pounds in the first three days and I thought this was going to be easy. But the weight slowed down a bit and it was harder the first few weeks waiting for my body to adjust to the diet. I still craved carbohydrates a bit. There were times I wanted to cheat but I’d only be cheating myself and going back to the start. I knew I had to do this for me.

Going forward 2 ½ months I’m at 184.6 pounds, losing 37 pounds. I feel more energetic, and my back and knees are no longer sore after working out.

I just feel good about myself. I recently went in for my “50 year old” physical. My cholesterol dropped to 163 and all of my other lab work was now normal. I did in 2 ½ months what I have been trying to do for over 10 years, without assistance from ANY medications.

People I know now ask me, how I lost the weight.  “Are you sick?” “What is the name of the diet you’re on?” “Do you have to exercise?”

This diet is what you give back to it.  If you stick to it, you will lose weight. 

On the down side, I had to go out and buy some new clothes because my old ones were too large.”


-Stanley D.


“My experience with Ideal Protein is successful weight loss, more energy, lower blood pressure, and a healthier life style.  All I do is follow the program and the pounds and inches just melt off of me.  Each week I am so excited to come in and be weighed and measured to see what my success is for the past week.  The whole staff at Stucky Chiropractic’s office gets excited with me and can’t wait to see what my results are for the week. What a great support team I have.

In 9 weeks I have lost 38.1 pounds and 69.8 inches.  Each week I am losing pounds and inches. There is no plateau on this program.

What I like is the program is easy to follow with delicious foods. I am not living on shakes or dry package foods.  I do purchase supplements on a weekly basis, but I can make two actual meals using fresh vegetables and protein. It is so exciting because I can shop for fresh vegetables, herbs and spices.  My cooking is delicious and fun to be in the kitchen to try new recipes. I do have a personal support coach that I meet with each week for questions, weigh ins, and measurements. What surprises me is that I am not hungry, tired, and no cravings.  I even stopped drinking caffeinated drinks and completely stopped drinking soda.

I would recommend Ideal Protein to anyone that is serious about losing weight and wants to start living a healthy life style.”


-Katherine U.


“My favorite thing about Ideal Protein is the one-on-one weekly coaching that is provided. The coach will help you avoid pitfalls by reviewing what activities you have coming up in the week ahead and help you make good eating choices. This helps make the program very easy to follow with quick, noticeable results!”


-Judy T.